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Four Breathtaking Ideas for Custom Memorial Crystals



    Four Breathtaking Ideas for Custom Memorial Crystals


    Finding an item that gracefully and respectfully memorializes the importance of someone special to you and your family is not a simple task. Photographs, for example, while wonderful, don’t usually bear the significance to truly memorialize that special person who has affected your life so much. Getting the right balance requires thinking outside the box, and, thankfully, there’s a creative decoration that brings grace, aesthetics, and respect into a single package: Memorial Crystals. Here are a few ideas of what can be accomplished with customized memorial crystals.


    1. Photographic Pet Tributes
    One of the most beautiful and creative ways you can immortalize the pet that changed your life for the better is to have their image etched in eternal 3D photo crystal. Using photographs of your pet as the foundation, an advanced laser system will etch a three-dimensional image inside a large crystal. The result is a lifelike image of your beloved pet that stands out to all guests without looking out of place among other displays in your living space.

    2. Accomplishments, Etched in Pure Crystal
    Sometimes, the best way to memorialize someone is with a tribute to their accomplishments. Memorial crystals can utilize text, art, and even photographs to create a stunning homage to the achievements of someone you love. Imagine having that photograph of your child’s first home run immortalized in crystal. The day your sibling became a partner at the firm can likewise be memorialized. If you have a writer in the family, you can have the titles of their books etched into crystal to show how proud you are of them. The possibilities are as broad as the opportunities the world has to offer.

    3. Clarity of Symbolism
    For some family members and friends, a single symbol represents them very well. Whether it is a cross for the faithful or a hawk for the keen-eyed nature-lovers out there, there is a time and a place in which the best memorial is to display a symbol that has deeper meaning. Memorial crystals allow you to put artisanship and artistry into a symbolic memorial in full, allowing a symbol of respect and memory to become infused with the light and shimmer of crystal.

    Crystal itself is symbolic; it is austere, graceful, and, welcoming. The prismatic nature of crystal gives it the appearance of being all colors and none at once, representing the many different aspects of an individual’s personality. Who could imagine a material more powerful?

    4. The Event of a Lifetime
    Weddings, vacations, unexpected adventures, and new discoveries all can shake our lives to their very core. Memorializing these events is, naturally, an essential human experience that we all undertake in some form or another. We buy souvenirs to remind us of the fun we’ve had, and we send our loved ones home with gifts when they visit.

    A customized crystal etching can serve as the perfect memorial of a truly life-changing event. Wedding photos, images of landmarks, meaningful quotes and more can all be carved in crystal, resulting in a constant reminder of the good times we share with others.

    As you can surely see, laser-etched crystals are unique and emotionally powerful items, which are exactly what you want when you’re looking for decorations that will serve as a reminder of someone special. What’s better is that each crystal is made just for you and your family. Instead of having to settle for a generic keepsake, you’ll be able to choose what you want to be immortalized and how.

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