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Healthy Behaviors for Pet Parents | Cuddly Tails

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    Healthy Behaviors for Pet Parents | Cuddly Tails


    Every pet parent who owns a dog in New York knows the limitless love they experience as a pet parent. It’s a general saying that dogs would give their owners absolute love. Of course, we all know that it is ABSOLUTELY TRUE! 

    Many dog owners often get misguided on how to draw a fine line between loving and loving too much. Some indulge in over loving the dog, which leads to the dog being detrimental and hard-headed. 

    Photo by McDobbie Hu on Unsplash

    The following tips provide the basics of healthy dog training and obedience for pet owners –

    1. Treat obedience– Let treats be something that you furnish because of something that the dog has done correct – like as a reward for good performance. Do not always offer your dog table scraps every time you have the opportunity. This will just puzzle them on who’s really in charge. Treats are ways to make them joyful and vigorous as a reward for good behavior.
    2. Normal playtime – It is necessary that you have time to play with your pet dog on a daily basis. Even if you come home one day very exhausted from work, you should still play with your dog as healthy behavior. Playing can be as straightforward as playing fetch or giving a plaything to your dog.
    3. Offer your dog rides– Your dog will feel lucky if you allow them to go with you on trips. Let them take a seat with you in the front portion.  This will make them identify you as the right leader of the pack.
    4. Share with them– To truly bond with your dog, you have to fall to their level. Speak to them like you are also a dog. Snuggle with them on the floor or on the sofa! This will illustrate your dog that you are similar to them.
    5. Daily walks – Always take your dog for a daily walk. Dogs get thrilled at what time they go out. Even if their purpose is just to sniff the flowers in your backyard, it makes them energetic. Dog Sitting

    These pointers will assist you to let your dog appreciate that you love them and will make them love you even more. Cuddly Tails offers the best pet sitting and walking services by trusted and verified neighbors in New York and New Jersey.