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How to Improve Your Vision with Ayurvedic Herbs?



    How to Improve Your Vision with Ayurvedic Herbs?




    Our eyes take a lot of stress from the use of mobiles, laptops, computers, TV, and also pollution. These factors not only contribute to poor eyesight but may also lead to several other ailments of the eye. Ayurveda keeps this principle in mind and tries to cure all our problems with negligible side effects with natural remedies.

    Eyes are so transparent that through them the soul is seen. (Theophile Gautier)

    There is no doubt that eyes are the mirror of our soul. We should agree with this quote that vision is the most important part of us. Poor eyesight is a very common problem. Our eyes are likely to indulge in multiple conditions that can cause damage or cause permanent vision loss.

    Defect in our eyes are of two types; far sight and near sight. Many of us don’t bother to find the permanent cure for these problems; either we compromise with it or start wearing glasses or contact lenses. Surprisingly the majority of us don’t like wearing glasses. Let’s admit we don’t like taking medication or using eye drops regularly. You’ll be amazed to know there is one natural way to cure all your problems and that is Ayurveda. Ayurveda believes that poor eyesight is connected with nervous debility, congestion, and bowel movement. You may also go for ayurvedic treatments in India. Here are some useful names of the natural herbs to improve your eyesight:


    As we can get idea from the name Triphala or ‘three fruits’, is a powerful ayurvedic ingredient that consists of three ancient fruits which is used to treat various health conditions. These fruits include Haritaki, Amla, and Bibhitaki. Each product has strong medicinal properties and each ingredient has a balancing effect on the doshas. These ingredients are used for lowering the toxic level in our body for supporting general health. You may also use Triphala as eye drops or topical applications. Prefer ingestion for the health of the eye.

    A study shows that Triphala eye drops are useful for minor issues like eye strain, inflammation, and redness. You’ll be surprised to know that Triphala is a rich source of antioxidants and vitamin C, which helps in protecting the eyes from oxidative stress damage. Many studies show that Triphala is the best supplement to improve vision. You may consume daily in the form of capsules, extracts, tea, or powder.

    Fennel seeds and almonds

    Almonds and fennel seeds used in many ayurvedic medicines are popular and beneficial for eyesight as well. Research shows that the intake of fennel seeds and almonds in an adequate amount daily helps in improving our eyesight. A good part of these ingredients is that it doesn’t have any negative impacts on our body.

    Rose water

    Rosewater used in India for therapeutic and ceremonial purposes. Rosa damascene is a widely used ingredient in many ayurvedic remedies. This ingredient has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antihistaminic, and antiseptic properties. It is highly beneficial for eye problems.


    Saffron is rich in carotenoids and antioxidants which help to protect the aging, lens, and retina of eyes. It also helps in preventing pigmented cells on the retina from oxidative damage. Saffron helps in restoring the functions of retinal cells and protects them from degeneration. Daily intake of saffron would be beneficial for the eyes.

    Gingko Biloba

    This herbal remedy belongs to China and later adapted by us. Research shows that it boosts the blood flow to the eye and body. As a natural antioxidant, it contributes to protecting our eyes from oxidative stress and strengthens our eyes to avoid diseases like blurred vision and cataracts. It is also helpful in glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and macular degeneration.


    Bilberry has bioflavonoid which helps in speeding up the process of regeneration of rhodopsin. Rhodopsin is a purple color pigment in the eye rods. This ayurvedic herb is beneficial in curing retinal disorders, night vision, and cataracts. It reduces the retinal strain in the eyes by improving blood flow and improves nerves function.

    These are the names of some useful ayurvedic herbs. As we all know Kerala is known as the mother of Ayurveda. If you want detailed knowledge you may go for ayurvedic courses in India.


    Thank you for reading.