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Ice Cream for the Win





    Ice Cream for the Win


    When the weather starts to hit those higher digits, people start to crave food and drinks that cool them off and give them a breather from the hot summer heat. Whether it’s an iced latte, a cool shake, or a waffle cone filled with the hot new summer ice cream flavors, people everywhere can’t seem to get enough. In the city, this is especially true. Summers can make the city cramped and crowded with tourists or people coming in from the suburbs to take advantage of all the summer activities the city has to offer. But, as we all know, urban heat can be numbing. Tall city buildings are known to retain heat and the ways in which cities are built can either block or facilitate a nice summer’s breeze. So, people turn to the one thing that not only tastes delicious, but also cools them down: ice cream.

    Whether located in the suburbs or the city. the one thing any commercial kitchen should own is an ice cream machine. Not only will it bring in new business, but it will make your business memorable for more returning customers. And, the best place to get one of the best ice cream machine brands in the business is GatorChef. GatorChef is a commercial kitchen supplier of both new and used restaurant equipment and supplies. Not only do they have an online store featuring a plethora of products, but they have two showrooms in the Chicago area as well! So, if you’re uncomfortable with buying your kitchen equipment online, they encourage you to visit them in store and let them help you find the best equipment for your business!

    One of the largest ice cream machine brands in the industry is Spaceman who has been manufacturing and selling soft serve and frozen beverage machines all over the world. They offer both countertop and floor standing machines ideal for serving ice cream, frozen yogurt, frozen beverages, and more! And, guess who carries Spaceman machines? That’s right: GatorChef.

    GatorChef offers both countertop and self-standing machines for all kinds of businesses. Whether you’re looking for an ice cream machine for schools , bars, or restaurants, you’ll want to check out GatorChef. So, if you in the market to buy soft serve ice cream machine in Chicago or the surrounding regions, head on over to, visit their showroom, or contact them at (888) 944-287 and let them help you find the best machine for your needs!

    Some of their most popular Spaceman products are:

    Single Flavor Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine – Countertop Style Model 6210
    • This machine is great for small businesses and kitchens that want to be able to serve single flavor soft-serve ice cream. It’s great for those shopping on a budget and simple in design for an easy-to-use experience.

    Two Hopper Frozen Beverage Machine – With Hopper Agitators – Countertop Style Model 6455H
    • This machine is approved for dairy and can be used to serve milkshakes, smoothies, margaritas, slushies, frozen beer foam, or any other number of imaginative drinks!

    Two Hopper with Twist Swirl Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine – Floor Standing Style with Hopper Agitators Model 6250H
    • Ideal for medium to large businesses, this machine offers two flavors of soft serve with the ability to twist them together for a two-in-one ice cream dessert.

    For more information to buy soft serve ice cream machine in Chicago, visit them online or in showroom or give them a call. Higher temperatures are on their way and every business should be prepared when the crowds come screaming for ice cream!

    For more information about Commercial Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine and Unox Combi Please visit : Gatorchef.