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Top-Rated Equipment for Your Catering Business



    Top-Rated Equipment for Your Catering Business


    Whether it’s a small party or a large gala, having the ability to cater an event with various guest capacities can affect your present and future business. Being prepared for anything starts with having the proper equipment. Whether you’re looking for Hotel Pans or staff uniforms, you can find all the best commercial catering and restaurant equipment at Gator Chef.

    Here are some of the top-rated catering products offered by Gator Chef:

    Deep Anti-Jam Stainless Steel Steam Table Hotel Pans
    Large or small, hotel pans for serving and keeping food warm and fresh are essential for any event. Invest in a brand that provides proper insulation and a durable structure. The Deep Anti-Jam Stainless Steel Steam Table Pan from Gator Chef is the perfect hotel pan for any occasion or event. With various shapes and sizes, there are Table Pans to fit any and all culinary and catering needs. The pans feature an anti-jam design to avoid any hassle when lifting or separating them. All Gator Chef pans are NSF certified.

    Thunder Group Black Tier Bus Cart
    Whether it’s for transporting or serving, the Winco chafers provide a three-tier shelving design to allow for ample storage and transport. The cart is equipped with four smooth rolling swivel casters that lock and two stabilizing handles to provide a seamless and secure transport. The open-shelved designs make for quick and easy access. This car is 40.5-inches in length x 19.75-inches in width x 37.88-inches in height.

    Piper Aluminum Tray Delivery Cart with Swing Door
    This closed-system aluminum tray delivery cart is the perfect tool for securing large deliveries or transport, all while being sure the container is insulated. The cart’s 12-tray capacity allows for excess storage, holding two 14” x 18” trays per slide. The 6” standard tray spacing allows for larger items to be stored in the cart, making the cart’s capacity accommodating even for more substantial dishes. The drain installed at the bottom of the cart allows for easy access and cleaning. The Piper Aluminum Tray Delivery Cart with Swing Door comes protected with a one-year warranty for parts and labor from date of purchase.

    Winco Pocket Test Thermometer
    This handy pocket thermometer holds a temperature range of 50 to 550 degrees Fahrenheit that displays on a dial type thermometer. Keep one of these around and never risk undercooked or cold food at a party or event. The thermometer comes equipped with a case and clip to allow for easy keeping and protection. The Winco Pocket Test Thermometer is also NSF certified.

    Winco 11-Quart Stainless Steel Soup Warmer
    Don’t let the soup go cold with this Winco 11-Quart Stainless Steel Soup Warmer. The perfect addition to any catering arsenal, you can store and warm ample amount of soups, stews, chili, and other hot liquids, and forget the fear of serving something cold. The soup warmer set includes a water pan, food pan, cover, structure frame, and fuel holder.

    Bloomfield Koffee King Pourover Coffee Brewer with 3 Warmers Stepped Right
    Arguably the most critical catering item at any event, making sure you have fresh hot coffee available for patrons can make or break a party. The Bloomfield Koffee King Coffee Brewer facilitates those events that require ample amounts of coffee to be fresh, warm, and available. This pour over, fresh brew style coffee maker comes equipped with three warmers, ensuring there will always be coffee on hand.

    From hotel pans for serving and storing, to carts for inventory and transport, investing in quality equipment for your catering will help to ensure that everyone runs smoothly and leaves the customers satisfied. For more information on the aforementioned products, visit

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