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IDENTIFICATION (Who really are we?)


    IDENTIFICATION (Who really are we?)



    We always tend to wear masks in front of everyone we meet, ever wondered why? Well I have, and I am sure everyone must have too…

    It’s for Acceptance isn’t it?

    We don’t want people to ponder over why we are Different. We don’t want people to Gossip about us behind our backs. More than that, we don’t people to Judge us. These are all quite axiomatic. As we keep doing this throughout our lives, we tend to lose our own Identity in the midst.

    Before we go any deeper into this, let us define what Identification really is? is it our birthmarks or is it having our own purpose in our life or is it our unique ability to be different from the rest of the world or is it our past is it something else? I’m not going to define anything here; I’m just leaving you with ideas to think and ponder over.

    Normally we go through process of getting rejected or accepted during our teenage life and for some of us even most of our youth life too. But what’s perplexing is that how we start to lose our sense of direction to life with every rejection, and as these rejections keep getting bigger our masks that we wear becomes even tighter and our need for acceptance craves longer. We all must have had a group of friends whom we used to hang out with during our School or College days or even where we are working, and if you observe carefully, we always tend to hang out with people who shares our ideas or interests, it’s quite evident that we choose people who understands us rather than Hustling over people who doesn’t.

    I always believed that we all have our own purpose in life, but somewhere down the line this purpose becomes deteriorated, when this happens, we feel like we don’t know who we really are? or what are we even doing? And we start living in others perceptions to try and please others.     

    It’s actually amazing, how whenever I think and talk about the topic “Identification”, I always remember telling my friends about a famous writer named Charles Colley, who once quoted an amazing Phrase, he said, “ I am not what I think I am and not what you think I am, I am what I think you think I am”… Isn’t it just resonating?

    This quote was in correlation with the ‘The Looking Glass Self’ theory. Charles Colley believed that we believed that we as human being have a perception of ourselves on our own and other people have a perception about us and we tend to live up to their perception. Jay Shetty Whilst in an interview with Tom Bilyeu quoted Colley and said that he wished that he had written the quote, and explained the quote by saying, “So we live in this Perception of a Perception of ourselves” and whilst we live in that Perception, getting to what we really want is IMPOSSIBLE.

    So, and here we are to the end, now ask yourself, are u living in others Identity or your own Identity?


                                          WHO REALLY ARE WE?




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