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Koffee Kult for Your Home and Workplace



    Koffee Kult for Your Home and Workplace


    We all love a great cup of freshly roasted coffee, and in 2018, Americans are drinking more coffee than ever before. Gourmet coffee, in particular, has seen a dramatic rise in the country as more and more people are leaving behind stale, bland coffee and choosing the delicious flavors of handcrafted, high quality coffee beans for their morning ritual. Everyday it seems like more and more gourmet coffee shops are opening on every street corner, and as people explore the world of coffee, they are being introduced to the many different flavors and styles sourced from all over the world.



    Gourmet coffee shops are a great way to relax, but, for busy commuters, spending the time and money to visit these locations is not always an easy option. For those people who want to save time and money yet still enjoy the amazing coffee beans of the world, a Coffee Subscription is a great way to do that. With coffee subscription boxes delivered to your home or office, you can enjoy roasts from exotic locations, such as Sumatra, while appreciating the convenience of delivered fresh beans. If you run an office, providing your employees with an office coffee subscription is a great way to boost morale among your employees, while saving them time and money as they can come straight to work for their morning cup.

    But, how do you know which kinds of coffees you will enjoy and where you should begin your exploration into the world of gourmet coffee beans? Start with what you like about the coffee you currently drink and branch out from there. Many people find medium roasts enjoyable and these are available from a variety of locations with different beans that add different flavors to the coffee they create. Exploring medium roasts can be a great way to start entering the wide world of coffee and, from there, you can explore dark roasts, light roasts and different types of beans.

    While a medium roast is the middle of the road option, consider light and dark roasts too. A light roast usually has more caffeine than a dark one and these roasts are not heated as long as darker ones, preserving the natural flavor of the raw bean a bit more. This results in a slightly fruitier blend that shows off the natural flavors of the bean. A dark roast is the opposite. Dark roasts typically mean that the beans are slowly cooked for a long time, which results in a rich, earthy flavor that many people enjoy worldwide. Dark roasts typically have less caffeine than light roasts as well, making them a great option for those who enjoy coffee but do not want to consume a lot of caffeine. Let your own tastes be the judge and start with a blend or roast that seems appealing to you.

    Many Americans, as well, enjoy the flavor of Colombian coffee. It has been a staple in this country for a long time, but there are many other coffee producing regions that are worth exploring. At Koffee Kult, we source coffee from Kenya, Indonesia, Africa, and other parts of South America to produce exquisite coffee beans that coffee lovers everywhere will enjoy.

    We love to create original roasts that are perfect for coffee drinkers of any taste or style. Whether you have a seasoned palate or you are just beginning to explore the world of coffee, we have something for everyone and, with our coffee subscription services, we can make things easy for you at home and in the workplace. Visit us online and we can help you pick out the perfect new coffee roast for you!

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