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Why am i always tired?


    Why am i always tired?

    -by Anood Ahammed





    I’ve seen a lot of millennials tired day in and day out. They appear to be in those classes where scientific discoveries and social theories are discussed, or in offices where tons of paperwork are done. I usually find them in public transport and even at parties. And they all look ‘tired’. Well, definitely not physically, but they lack the natural human vigor in their eyes. And it doesn’t make sense that they don’t notice that they’re tired all the time.

    I’ve been one of them. In fact even today i am. But I’m much better at being tired. And i began becoming improving when i asked myself,

    ” why am i always tired? “

    The answer was not simple. The process that followed was a nightmare. And it probably was the most tough days of my life…, so far.

    Majority of the millennials today find themselves tired right when they wake up and start the day. They move into the day with this little energy and enthusiasm and often start despising their classes at their college or the mundane work at their office. They drift through the day with no particular interest and often want to stop doing work/classes and take rest. ‘take rest’ is an awfully deceptive command our brains give out. After their so called ‘ long’ day, they return home with the mindset to ‘take rest’. Time is wasted more than anything today combined.

    Let’s ask ourselves now. So, what is it that’s tiring you out? Is it your lifestyle? Is it your unfathomable fate? Or is it this what everyone has to go through?

    Well, for that, you need to scrutinise the ‘tiredness’ that you’re feeling. It’s precisely argued that a sound body has a sound soul/mind. And we all agree to it too. Then here is what you need to know,

    It’s not your body that’s tired. It’s your soul. And without replenishing it, you can’t escape being tired always.

    Millennials today lack what we term ‘ Purpose’. They seem to be too ignorant of their purpose in life. And most of them confuse this term with a much deeper and meaningful definition. The truth is its easy but imperceivable. Because ‘Purpose’ can be simply referred to as a ‘plan’.

    If you agree that everyone has different purposes in their lives, and if you also believe that it takes oneself and their regard of the world to find their purpose in life is,then you must understand that it’s something you must find. It will never find you!

    So, what replenishes your soul?
    Your ‘Purpose’.
    Look it up a dictionary and you’ll see:
    ‘ the act of intending to do something, resolution ‘
    When you don’t have a purpose(plan) in life, your soul doesn’t want to wake up. No wonder you hit snooze many times. Even if you’re up, you won’t feel like doing anything that you ought to be doing. Work, college, social work, everything seems uninteresting. You’ll constantly want to desist whatever you’re doing. So i wish to tell you that your soul needs a purpose, and the reason why it’s tired is because it believes you’re doing what you’re not supposed to do.
    And a purpose is not something that naturally is adopted by your soul, but it’s one that’s voluntarily chosen.

    So, how do you choose your purpose? Only you can figure it out. But anybody who has ever figured it out has done one thing beforehand. They’ve stopped being distracted!

    Millennials today are so carelessly distracted from everything that they forget that gradually they’re getting distracted from their life and reality. Below are a few major deceptive foundations that distract today’s youth,

    1. College/education: if you find yourself attending classes because you ought to, then it’s a distraction. Rather, you should be because you want to. Because then it’s purpose. Everything along with college, ie; mundane activity, projects, exams are all distractions. Now i know an average undergrad is not going to comply with my opinion. A timely reminder : The number of college dropouts are increasing every year and the graduates tend to work in fields unrelated to their degree.
    2. Work: if you’re going on with a job and are still tired always, chances are your heart is not in it. Maybe that’s the job you want, but not your soul wants. Understanding that such jobs are distracting and that you immersing yourself too much in them is only going to exhaust you is the key. Do a job because you want to. It’s then purpose.
    3. Relationships: I’ll start off with a fact, people who get into relationships and marriage late tend to be more successful. It’s a fact! And the truth is, the reality of love is not as strong as the reality of life. Love definitely makes your life better, but if your life is already good then imagine what love can do. Go on and find your purpose in life, love and success will follow.
    4. Technology : today, the millennials go offline from the real world and spend time online in the virtual world created by Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and so on. To an extent it’s an advent. But the way today’s generation use it is dangerous. They sleep for about 9-10 hours, and the majority of their time they should be spending with friends and family are spent in the virtual world. This distracts them from the reality of life. Note: virtual world can feed your mind, but not your soul. Only the real world can feed both your mind and soul. Virtual world is a part of the real world. Don’t confuse.

    When these reasons account for the lion’s share of distractions caused, they eventually deprive our hearts of its ability to seek it’s purpose . Thereby making our life something ought to be lived, rather than something we want to live.

    To summarize, we’ve been trained to follow social dogmas and not our souls /wants. This in turn has deprived our souls of ‘purpose’, and with constant distractions, we’ve forgotten to feed it. This eventually tires us out and makes us boring individuals with dull lives.

    I’ll make it easy for you with just hypothetical cade,

    When it comes to physical tiredness, productive/repetitive activity causes tiredness.
    But when it comes to the tiredness of your soul, it’s the lack of productive activity / repetition of mundane activity that causes tiredness.

    An average student has to wake up after getting about 9 hours of sleep. He goes to college,and is tired throughout. Hangs out with friends, is and happy for that while. Returns home, goes online and spends the rest of day. He woke up tired and is tired throughout, calls it a ‘long’ day and sleeps. Boring and tired life of an average student.

    An average businessman has to wake up with about 7 hours of sleep. Has to catch flights and attend meetings straight away. Manages hundred of people, plans ahead for the next day and gets home late that night. Calls it a productive day and sleeps.

    When comparing physical activity, it’s the businessman who is more tired( must be exhausted according to the student, but in reality is just as tired as the student) , but it’s the student who comparatively has a regular day and is yet tired. The businessman is way happier and satisfied than the student. Why? The businessman simply has a Purpose (plan).

    I’d like to ask you to not misinterpret the word ‘Purpose’. As i said, look it up a dictionary. It means the act of intending to do something, resolution. When you have ridden yourself of the distractions, you’d have a lot of free time. This can be utilised to feed your soul with what makes it happy, and that happiness will be returned to your life slowly and naturally. And then, i guarantee you that you’d want to do things in your life and the desire and effort will be so strong unlike before ( well, you’re not distracted anymore). You’ll slowly plan ahead in your life( a few years maybe) and it is definitely going to be all about ‘Growth’. And that my dear friends, will be the ‘Purpose’ of your life.

    Quoting Robert T. Kiyosaki :

    “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Stop doing what is not working and look for something new to do.”




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