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Antedulivan era theory state that love is blind.Our ancient dearest such as Romeo-Juliet,Heer-Ranjha,Sassi-Punnu and many more.They all are martyr in love.But,they are still dwelling alive in our heart and mind.Archaic suitor said that “Pyar kiya toh darna kya” they had winsome notions about affection.They all are known as deity by us.But,era is altered now.Today’s lover’s are known as “Ishqzaade” by our sweetheart society and their love mantra is “Hasee toh phasee”.There’s a drastic change in modern love system.Now a day’s 7-7year aged kids are falling in love and tasting the taste of love breakup’s too.They all are conscious about prominent date’s such as 14th february Valentine’s day.But,they all are not attentive about 28 september “Sardar Bhagat Singh”birth date.Today’s youth can cut off their arm vein and dropout the valuable blood for their beloved’s but they can’t donate their blood on blood donation camp for valetudinarian. Pondering on facet they quit the universe in a jiff. They don’t think about their parent’s who are nourishing them since their nativity.Real love want’s respect.Real love depend’s on empathy.But,our modern understanding of love is derived from tv show’s,movies such as Pavitra rishta,kuch kuch hota hai,Iss pyar ko kya naam doon etc etc. Liking someone doesn’t mean you are in love with that person. It only happen’s in movie not in actual life.There is no confine of love there are no terms and conditions in love.Love is unconditional.It can’t be weighted nor be measured. In my language love is just a feeling keep this feeling in only heart.When this feeling get into brain it bang’s the life.






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