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Premium Wholesale Vaping Supply




    Premium Wholesale Vaping Supply



    Vaping has quickly become one of the hottest markets, and it’s only getting more popular. It’s the way of the future. Now is the time to build your business up and pave your way to continued success. Finding a dependable, top-notch resource of wholesale vaping supplies is a critical step in creating a successful vaping business. This is where Kingdom Vapor comes in. Since 2012, we have been providing premium wholesale vaping supplies to budding businesses. We have made a name for ourselves because of our high-quality merchandise and vaping expertise. You know your demographic; we know vaping. Let us help you kick-start your new booming vaping business.

    King of the Cloud Nicotine Salt E-liquid

    Quality is Key

    Kingdom Vapor is a company run by people who are inherently passionate about vaping. We didn’t get into this business accidentally; we vape, so we are personally invested in the integrity of our vaping business. We test all of our products ourselves before deeming them worthy of distribution to the vaping market at large. If we are selling a product, it is because we are completely confident that it is of high quality. You can be assured that you are supplying your customers with only the best. With such a wide and ever-expanding market, the discrepancy in quality of products is something any serious vaper can easily pick up on. Make a name for yourself and go with Kingdom Vapor!

    The Latest and Greatest

    As quickly as the vaping market is gaining popularity, the technology is advancing possibly more rapidly. Kingdom Vapor is highly attuned to these shifts and advances, because we know that it is crucial to keep up in such a competitive industry. By stocking your business with our wholesale vaping supplies, you can trust that your company will stay ahead of the game.

    Fit Your Needs

    Many other wholesale suppliers require you to meet a minimum order quantity. We don’t like that. You know what you need and how much you need, and we want to provide you with just that. Especially if you are just starting out; it is likely that you will have fluctuations in the specifics of what you need in order to meet the demands of your clientele. The struggle is real when you must meet a minimum order quantity. With us, that is one less thing you have to worry about!

    Mindful Variety

    New vape mods are being developed every day, and it seems like there is a new “it” flavor of e-liquid popping up every time we blink. The more varied the products become, the more customizable the vaping experience becomes. Kingdom Vapor provides a wide selection of vaporizer mods, as well as many e-juice flavors, so that you can cherry-pick the best combination of product varieties to keep your client base happy. Many vapers are aware of when new mods and flavors are trending, and they will seek out these products. It doesn’t end with mods and flavors – vaporizer accessories are a hot commodity. We have a wide selection of batteries, chargers, drip tips, and more so be sure to provide a variety of accessories to make your shop a one-stop shop for your customers. Make your company stand out by meeting the demands of the market!

    Kingdom Vapor cares about vaping, and we want to improve the vaping scene by helping local vape shops across the company provide only the latest and greatest vape supplies to their communities! We want your business to flourish, so please contact us if you have any questions. Check out our information blog for helpful tips, updates, and reviews. Get your business booming today and get your wholesale vaping supplies from Kingdom Vapor!

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