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Safety Do’s and Don’ts for Commercial Kitchen Supplies





    Safety Do’s and Don’ts for Commercial Kitchen Supplies


    When working in a restaurant, there are a variety of appliances running simultaneously, and each device has a job to do to make your menu come to life. From the convection oven to the deep fryer, every appliance in your Commercial Kitchen Supplies collection has an assortment of risks associated with it. To keep your kitchen as safe as possible, remember these safety do’s and don’ts while operating and maintaining your equipment.

    Convection Ovens
    Like many other hot surface appliances, convection ovens have a risk of burns, flames, and hot liquid spills.

    • Clean spills inside the oven as soon as possible.
    • Use the appropriate pots and pans to prevent food from spilling over.
    • Use the proper protective gear when handling hot pots or pans.

    • Overload or overcrowd the oven.
    • Leave the oven on at all times. (Only keep it on while in use).
    • Leave the oven door open or unattended.
    • Store plastic items or other utensils in the oven.

    Deep Fryer
    Fryers are one of the more dangerous appliances in the kitchen. Some of the risks associated with this device include burn injuries, scalding, or potential fire risks.

    • Always use protective equipment when working on the fryer.
    • Before handling or cleaning, allow the oil to cool.
    • Clean up any greasy surfaces.
    • In an emergency, always turn off the heat source for your fryer.
    • Make sure not to overheat the oil, always use the correct temperatures for your device.
    • Train your employees on the correct procedures and maintenance for your deep fryer.

    • Cause the splashing or spilling of grease when changing and or filtering the oil.
    • Only attempt to clean the fryer until the oil has cooled.
    • Never over-exceed the recommended limits by the manufacturer, including overfilling the containers.
    • Never move the containers when holding hot oil.

    Sandwich Toasters
    Commercial sandwich toasters pose a risk for burns, electrical shock, and, if misused, can be a potential fire hazard.

    • Always place the toaster on a level counter while in use.
    • Ensure that there is no fraying on the cable before using.
    • Only use the correct size and type of bread.
    • Regularly empty out any crumbs.

    • Avoid sticking foreign objects into the toaster (ex. knife).
    • Do not place cheese or other sandwich ingredients into the sandwich toaster.
    • Never overload the toaster slots.
    • When in use, never leave the device unattended.

    The potential hazards associated with microwave cooking equipment include electrical shock, microwave radiation, and burns or scalding from hot foods or liquids.

    • Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the proper use of your device.
    • Keep the interior and door clean and free of all dirt, food, grime, grease, etc.
    • If you ever experience any sparks, or if the food ignites, always immediately turn off the microwave.

    • Avoid cooking food in sealed containers.
    • Never use plastic containers to microwave food (unless specially marked stating it can).
    • Never use a microwave with broken seals/hinges, or damaged or impaired doors (as this could cause the microwave to emit radiation).
    • Never work near or with a microwave if you have an unshielded pacemaker.

    Pressure Cooker
    Like the sandwich toaster, pressure cookers run the risk of burns, scalding, and electrical shock.

    • Before opening the pressure cooker, wait for the steam pressure to equalize.
    • Follow the instructions and guidelines offered by the manufacturer.
    • When removing the steam pressure lid, always have the opening facing away from you.

    • Never ignore the limits provided by the manufacturer.
    • Never overfill the device.
    • Never open the pressure cooker before the removal of the steam pressure.

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