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Save Money on Diaper Genie Refills






    Save Money on Diaper Genie Refills


    Any individual who utilizes a Diaper Genie realizes that refills are costly! Notwithstanding when purchased at a bargain or at places like Amazon or Costco the cost includes. People, who have different children in diapers in the meantime, as I do, know the refill should be regularly replaced!

    I have found the minimum expensive place to buy the refills were at Walmart. A 3-pack of refills costs $22.93. However different spots offer them for anyplace in the vicinity of 8.99 and 12.99 for each refill.



    Suppose, on the traditionalist side; you utilize one refill a month for one youngster. I have two in diapers and would use twofold. I would wind up utilizing eight 3-pack refills, that is a cost of $183.44 a year! Almost $200 spent on discarding diapers!!

    My crate of nonexclusive reusing sacks cost me $1.50 for 40 packs. We utilize a pack seven days. At four sacks per month, we can go ten months on one box! I am sparing $180.00 (plus or minus) in a year.

    Some may state I needn’t bother with a diaper genie, yet honestly, I am so happy I utilize one as I never notice each one of those diapers. For more information about the best diaper pails visit our site Her

    Presently, I need to acknowledge a job well done and thank my better half for coming up with this accommodating cash sparing tip.


    • Empty diaper genie refill
    • Elastic band
    • Blue recycling bag – any generic kind will do
    • Diaper Genie

    Step 1.

    Remove all wrapping from the void diaper genie refill, so all you have left is the blue plastic ring part.

    Step 2.

    Take one reusing sack and put it through the center of the ring, so the opening of the pack is close to the ring.

    Step 3.

    Overlap the open closures over the ring and secure with the elastic band.

    Step 4.

    Stuff the shut end of the sack into the genie a similar way you would utilizing a Diaper Genie marked refill, put ring the in top compartment. Tuck in the additional bits of the sack that may stand out.

    Step 5.

    Fill with diapers!






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