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Single Pitch Thread Mills From Online Carbide



    Single Pitch Thread Mills From Online Carbide



    If you buy Single Pitch Thread Mills on a regular basis, then you know the prices can get pretty high sometimes. Not with Online Carbide; their prices are low because they manufacture and sell their carbide tools online at without including any distributors or middlemen in the process. That saves their customers as much as 40% to 50% or more on their carbide tool purchases. The question is – are you sacrificing anything buying thread mills or any other machine tools from Online Carbide?



    The answer to the question is no, you’re not sacrificing anything. When you buy from Online Carbide, you aren’t dealing with low-quality carbide tools that will wear down after a few uses. All of our tools are produced using the same high-quality solid carbide stock and grinding equipment as industry leaders. The only difference when you buy from Online Carbide is that you’re not paying a retail cost to get the end mills you need.

    Single Pitch Thread Mills are used to cut internal, external, right-handed or left-handed threads in different materials like metals, woods, plastic, nylon, and other commercial and consumer goods. In the old days, threading was only possible using machine and manual taps to cut the threads. Single Pitch Thread Mills have made the process much faster and more accurate by using a singular point to produce the entire thread with minimal cleanup, eliminating many of the loose threading issues involved in tap usage.

    Online Carbide offers their Single Pitch Thread Mills in the following sizes, threads per inch capacities, and styles:

    •  #0 – 72-80 TPI – 2-flute
    •  #1 – 64-80 TPI – 3-flute
    •  #2 – 56-80 TPI – 3-flute
    •  #3 – 48-72 TPI – 3-flute
    •  #4 – 40-64 TPI – 3-flute
    •  #6 – 32-64 TPI – 3-flute
    •  #8 – 32-56 TPI – 3-flute
    •  #10 – 24-56 TPI – 3-flute
    •  1/4” – 20-56 TPI – 4-flute
    •  5/16” – 18-48 TPI – 4-flute
    •  3/8” – 14-40 TPI – 4-flute
    •  1/2” – 12-32 TPI – 4-flute
    •  5/8” – 11-32 TPI – 5-flute
    •  3/4” – 10-32 TPI – 6-flute
    •  7/8” – 8-24 TPI – 6-flute
    •  1” – 6-32 TPI – 6-flute

    To ensure the maximum possible tool life, Online carbide treats all of their single pitch thread mills with titanium aluminum nitride. This TiAlN coating helps insulate the cutting edge of the mill and helps to lower the thermal conductivity by forming a protective layer of aluminum oxide as the cutting temperature increases.

    Online Carbide gives their customers another advantage because they manufacture all their tools in the United States. Offshore manufacturers are more likely to cut corners with lower quality materials and processes. Those offshore manufacturers sell their tools cheap to compensate for their poor quality. Online Carbide makes their tools to meet and exceed customer expectations and the proof of that can be found in the high degree of customer loyalty Online Carbide enjoys. For 25 years, customers have been trusting and counting on Online Carbide to deliver the highest quality tools quickly and efficiently. End mills are often too expensive, especially considering the fact that even the best end mill will not last forever. Online Carbide certainly understands these two fundamental realities. That’s why their products are design to give their users affordable products with the longest tool life possible.

    Online Carbide goes the extra mile for their customers by offering Free Shipping in the Continental United States on all orders of $250 or more. And if a customer has a question or needs additional information for their order, they are encouraged to either send an email to or to call 630-238-1424 Monday through Friday between 8am and 5pm Central Standard Time. Customers who wish to speak directly with a customer support professional can also ask about special discounts for large orders.

    If you buy thread mills on a regular basis and you want to save yourself a lot of time, money, and frustration, then you should check out the great deals and fantastic customer service support at Online Carbide. Thousands of others have been doing it for a quarter of a century. You’ll be glad you did it too.

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