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Why Buy A Kit?



    Why Buy A Kit?


    These days it seems like you don’t even have to be an AR-15 owner to get an eyeful of the all the various types of products available for them today. The rifle, and the world of aftermarket parts and pieces it has popularized, are so fast-selling that even total gun novices have probably heard mention of them. For the uninitiated, the terms and colloquialisms that get thrown around, and for those more knowledgeable, the sheer volume of options can feel so overwhelming as to be paralyzing. Confusion like this can make it hard for newcomers looking to get into the hobby, and therefore many who have seen these terms thrown around won’t fully understand the benefits of these products. And, perhaps nowhere is this more applicable to the wide world of AR-15 ‘kits.’


    In most cases, these AR Rifle Kits can be broken down into a few types. Upper kits are comprised of the upper part of the receiver and all of its inner workings. They come in one of two forms, known as either ‘assembled’ or ‘stripped’ upper receivers, with the difference being the dust cover and forward assist are already installed on the assembled variant. At 22mods4all, we offer both assembled and stripped receivers at the lowest prices on the net, from trusted brands like Scorpion Armaments and more. Our 10-inch Bear Creek 5.56 upper, for example, has remained one of our most popular offerings, and currently comes fitted with a KeyMod Gen 2 handguard. This mil spec receiver is made from 7075-T6 Aluminum and is available from our store at a scant $149.

    Lower kits are of course the counterpart to these, and contain the lower AR receiver, along with all of its internal parts, and stock and trigger assemblies. Similar to the upper kits, these can also be purchased as assembled or stripped packages, only in this case the main difference is the lack of trigger group and stock. Our stripped Scorpion Armaments Stability Enhanced Stripped Lower Receiver is made of 100% American forged aluminum and won’t put a dent in your bank account at only $59.

    The next major category of AR rifle kits consists of everything but the lower receiver of the rifle. This includes the complete upper, stock assembly, lower parts kit, and handguard. These kits are an option many trying out their first AR build go with, as buying all these parts separately will almost always cost considerably more than getting them bundled together. Rifle kits are also potentially a great option for anyone who isn’t overly concerned with picking out specific components for every aspect of their rifle. Again, the cost saved will be more than worth it, and knowing ahead of time that you have all the components you need from a trusted manufacturer will ensure a smooth and successful build.

    Our selection of AR firearm kits at 22mods4all is just about unbeatable, featuring a wealth of options even at our very lowest price point of a staggering $209. The Scorpion Armaments .223 Wilde Operator Build Kit is one such offering, and has become another one of our highest selling kits. Coming complete with a Scorpion Armaments stripped upper receiver and lower parts kit, MIL SPEC adjustable stock and more, this rifle kit offers a stunning value for a collection of high quality, American made AR components.

    So remember, whether you’re trying to create your ideal AR part-by-part, or just interested in sitting down at the workbench and learning how to build rifles, at 22mods4all there’s definitely a great rifle kit here for you! Check us today and see for yourself!

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