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Basic Working of Companies Explained





    Basic Working of Companies Explained


    So basically when we talk about the working of a company, we generally talk about the upper covering of it and miss out the potential inner background process involved in it. A company is basically an organization working with a certain number of employees hired for completing a task given by the project manager or the works manager. There are several companies that operate on their own professional track and never imitate others in these things.

    I would love to include working with some diverse but popular names which have a grip over the market. The list goes like this.

    Social Media Companies:

    These types of companies are basically based on the users. In short, the main asset of the company is the number of users these companies have in their database. In general, these type of companies depends on the advertising income which is generated when the users who are enrolled in this company are putting ads in this. Some well-known faces in this sector are the social media giants Facebook, YouTube etc. So the primary working involves the developing of the platform where users can interact with each other and share their information keeping them busy.

    Manufacturing Companies:

    Of all the companies in the Globe, the Manufacturing companies are the most common type of companies. Be it Product manufacturing, part manufacturing, mobile manufacturing, cloth manufacturing etc. They almost have a similar kind of operation throughout them. Beginning with the HR recruitment where the HR executive manages all the human and their salaries we will go to manufacturing plant layout where all the products are manufactured. Then comes the quality department where all the products are examined and verified before packing. Then come the packing and dispatch department where the finished product is packed and stored before it is dispatched from the storeroom or warehouse. Eg. Ford Motors, Crompton Greaves, Pepe Jeans.

    Trade Holding Companies:

    Trade Holding companies are on a rise these days, when we search for a certain product in the market we get different brands but little do we know that some brands are often under one parent company. A holding company is a business that exists for the purpose of owning other companies and typically does not produce goods or offer services other than through its subsidiaries. These companies never have their own products and are solely dependent on the business of the companies they have acquired. In other cases, the purchase is intended to help them with particular areas of the company’s existing business. Some examples of Holding companies who are quite famous in World are Sears Holding Corporation, Quarterhill Inc., Berkshire Hathaway etc. Of which Quarterhill Inc. (formerly Wilan Inc.) is a holding company based in Canada and making news by acquiring several other companies.

    Business Consulting Companies

    As we all know that apart from managing a business, the managers have the pressure of maintaining their own records and presenting them whenever needed. Business consulting firms often help in the situation similar to this one (kind of). These firms help the companies who are in desperate need of management and provide them their own assistance. In return, they demand something (Obviously Money).







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