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Diamond Twig Engagement Rings for Your Nature-Loving Bride-to-Be






    Diamond Twig Engagement Rings for Your Nature-Loving Bride-to-Be


    Fuse her love for nature with your love for her with a Diamond Twig Engagement Ring from Olivia Ewing Jewelry design. These American-made, handcrafted pieces are organic, made with responsibly sourced gemstones and repurposed metals, and inspired by nature to encompass a beautiful piece that is as natural and elegant as your partner. Find the perfect ring to fit her aesthetic, all while purchasing something that is personally made and socially and environmentally conscious.

    Here are some beautiful options from the Olivia Ewing diamond twig engagement ring collection:

    Aurora Halo Ring
    Leave her speechless with the breathtakingly beautiful diamond Aurora Halo Ring, featuring shining, round, brilliant diamonds available in 0.25ct, 0.50ct, or 0.75ct options. The white diamond is intricately cut, and cast into a 6-prong setting, making sure no one will miss the glimmer on her finger. The main diamond stone is adorned with small white diamonds to accentuate the main stone and give the stone mount an even more luxurious shine.

    The beauty doesn’t stop at the diamond with the uniquely crafted Aurora Halo Ring, which is mounted on a gold band that is handcrafted to resemble a delicate twig, reflecting the beauty and wonder of nature and your fiancée. All diamonds set in the Aurora Halo Ring are guaranteed to be ethically mined, keeping with the Kimberly Accord, and the gold band is handcrafted with recycled and repurposed gold. Leave her speechless with the organic, unique, and absolutely stunning diamond halo Aurora Halo Ring.

    Calais Bezel Ring
    The stunningly unique Calais Bezel diamond ring from the Olivia Ewing Calais collection features a 05.0ct oval diamond set in an intricately crafted gold band. The beautiful half-carat diamond center stone is set in a half-bezel setting that ensures that no one will miss the eye-catching oval stone sparkle. The main stone is accented with two pave set diamonds on either side to truly make her sparkle. The repurposed gold band is carefully molded into the shape of a delicate twig, representing the fine and unique beauty of nature, a perfect ring for nature lovers alike. The Calais Bezel diamond ring features a 2mm band width, 1.2mm band thickness, and a setting height of 3.5mm. This ring is carefully handcrafted in the US featuring diamonds that are guaranteed to be ethically mined in keeping with the Kimberley Accord.

    Verona Bezel Ring
    This beautiful Verona Bezel engagement ring is crafted around a Montana sapphire. The pale blue sapphire gives it a sense of uniqueness and wonder, and an extraordinarily individualized piece for the one you love. The sapphire sits in a bezel setting, which allows the stone to be seen from every angle. Farming the sparkling Montana sapphire is the intricate twig band, which is molded after real twigs collected from nature by the designer herself, is incredibly lifelike, and is formed from recycled and repurposed gold. The Verona Bezel Ring features a band width of 1-3.5mm with a band thickness of 1mm and a setting height of 3mm. The Montana Sapphire comes from a reputable dealer that responsibly sources their gemstones.

    Chelsea Solitaire Ring
    Make her yours forever with the Chelsea Solitaire Ring, made with a Forever One Moissanite stone to symbolize your forever love. The stone acts as the rings eye-catching center, but does not overshadow the incredibly detailed ring band. The split shank band is molded from real Dragon’s Claw willow twigs to create an incredibly lifelike, elegant, and natural look that is as unique and beautiful as she is. The Chelsea Solitaire Ring features a 2.5mm band width, 2mm thickness, and a stone setting height of 5mm. This ring truly encompasses an aesthetic of natural elegance, is handcrafted with care in the USA, and the Forever One Moissanite Stone comes certified with a manufacturer’s warranty.

    No matter which Olivia Ewing diamond twig engagement ring you choose, you can be sure that the love of your life will be left speechless with a beautifully natural and unique ring from the collection. For more information about these rings, and even more nature-inspired jewelry visit Olivia Ewing online today!

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