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Safety While Performing Concrete Cutting Sydney Projects


    Safety While Performing Concrete Cutting Sydney Projects


    Safety is number one while performing concrete cutting Sydney projects. If you have a construction project to cut through concrete walls, you need to know it’s not an easy job, and doing not correctly; it can lead to severe consequences. In the following article, you will read about the essential safety tips while performing concrete cutting projects.

    #1 Wearing safety gear

    When you cut through concrete walls, concrete pieces will fly around everywhere. You need to know these pieces can quickly come in contact with your skin. It can make serious health issues. To avoid it, wearing appropriate safety gear is crucial. Wear protective goggles to cover your eyes and protective headphones for your ears. Wearing a protective suit is preferable for any construction project, and don’t forget about a helmet for the protection of your head.

    #2 Tools and safety

    If you are doing concrete sawing with hand-held tools, be aware not to use old ones. They can damage the surrounding surface, or even worse, injure you. When performing the method wet concrete cutting, you must not use electrical saws. If saw gets in contact with water, it will lead to a complete disaster. While using any saw, be sure to follow the safety standards, especially if you use equipment powered by electricity.

    #3 Not forcing the blade

    Don’t force the blade even if you need to get the job done quickly. Some operators are making this mistake through the cutting process. Then the blade is overheated, causing the opposite effect. The blade should be cool-off for further operation.

    #4 Wet cutting method instead of dry cutting method

    An extensive amount of dust is a result of cutting and sawing through concrete surfaces. Inhaling dust can be harmful because of silica presence. To keep yourself safe from health problems, use a wet cutting method instead of a dry cutting method. It will significantly reduce dust in the air. If you can not perform the wet cutting method, you must wear a breathing mask.

    #5 Focus on your job

    When cutting concrete, maintain focus. It would be best to focus on your job, ignoring ringing phones or side conversation and anything disturbing. Do your job with calm and concentration. If you are not focusing enough, you take a risk to make a mess on the construction site or injure yourself.

    Cutting through concrete can be a dangerous job. Following the essential safety tips while performing concrete cutting Sydney is necessary. If you have any question, call Concrete-Cutter.