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Steamy Sex Positions to Enjoy with Sex Toys





    Steamy Sex Positions to Enjoy with Sex Toys

    -by Karan George



    Let’s get one thing straight, Sex toys are our friends.

    Sex is fun, Sex toys are fun then why not bring them together and have a blast? Some people hesitate that using sex toys might disrupt the intimacy in their bedroom activities. They often believe that using these fleshy things create an energetic wedge and make couples feel disconnected.

    But if you ask us, you would rather enjoy in a little threesome with an electronic vibrating friend and your playmate. Nothing could be more intimate and loving than prioritizing your partner’s pleasure above anything that you would go to any length to make them have their most bed-shaking, neighbour-waking and earth-shattering orgasm they could possibly achieve.

    In the harsh reality, pleasure is a pleasure no matter what the source is. So start bringing bondage gear and sex toys in your bedroom routine and try these steamy sex positions without getting them in the way of your connection and intimacy.








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