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Inner Voice of My Mind

    Must read what she says from her inside. The confession from inside. The question our society can not answer!!

    The menstrual curse?

      I grew up in a liberal Sikh family. I do not remember having any religious restrictions imposed on me through my growing up years.

      A non discussed topic

        Though the lights were off it still felt like everything just blacked out in front of my eyes, my breath was taken away, I was panting like anything, wanted to reach out for some oxygen by removing the sheets off my face but didn’t want to move my hands away from my body either.

        Whether Men support Empowered Women ?

          What we share is much more powerful than what divides us.  The word ‘HE’ exists on the right side of the word SHE, this itself symbolizes men to be the backbone of women.

          Virginity Tests- A Sexual Assault

            The couple Aishwarya and Vivek Tamaichikar started the movement with a Whatsapp group called “STOP THE V RITUAL” which gathered people to abolish this archaic ritual.