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Whether Men support Empowered Women ?



    Whether Men support Empowered Women ?




    Whether Men support Empowered Women ?

    Everybody is busy in empowering women who is preparing men for these empowered women.

    Nowadays, Everybody is talking about women empowerment. Motivational speakers and leaders are conducting workshops to empower women. Why things are not getting better then?

    When women are growing in each and every field as per the developing society, but still people think women are unable to match up the notion that men can do.

    We, the women of this society are responsible for our upliftment and no one else.

    We are not meant to think beyond our family responsibilities after marriage which is no doubt important, but what about our existence. Nowadays, they have been taught to fly high which they can only pursue with a hand heading towards them for support is enough for her to break down all the past stereotypes and to create wonders.

    What we share is much more powerful than what divides us.  The word ‘HE’ exists on the right side of the word SHE, this itself symbolizes men to be the backbone of women.

    I, Sarika Ahuja, a She Connectian, pledge to empower not only women all around and help them to realize their dreams but also men to come forward and uplift women.






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