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Velvet Cloud: Bringing Natural Flavor to the Vape World





    Velvet Cloud: Bringing Natural Flavor to the Vape World


    If you’re looking for a unique e-liquid, you may want to check out organic vape juice as an option. Many vape juices are made with GMOs, artificial sweeteners, animal products, artificial color, and gluten. These kinds of ingredients can deter lots of people—after all, why tamper with nature? If you aren’t interested in these kinds of ingredients, you might want to check out Velvet Cloud. Velvet Cloud is a manufacturer of the Best Organic Vape Juice on the market. Their products are made with all natural ingredients. This kind of natural, quality e-liquid is hard to find. That’s why Velvet Cloud ships their products and offers them wholesale. Their company itself is small, but the demand for their products is growing.

    Velvet Cloud offers organic vape juice in a ton of different flavors. They have dessert flavors, fruit flavors, and tobacco and menthol flavors. They even offer their organic e-liquid without any added flavor, for those who enjoy the sensation of vaping without the flavor. Their Campfire dessert flavored e-liquid brings all the coziness of eating s’mores around a crackling campfire. Frosted Gingerbread has all of the holiday nostalgia of eating a freshly baked gingerbread cookie. Mewlew’s Magic is a decadent blend of chocolate, butterscotch and cream, a perfectly rich and flavorful e-liquid to satisfy your sweet tooth. If creamy and sweet is your flavor of choice, Velvet Cloud’s Vanilla Custard flavor is perfect for you. To capture the satisfaction of coffee and donuts—an unstoppable duo—Night Shift is the flavor you’ll want to try. Nutty Cookie is an incredible blend, representing the flavors of pralines, hazelnuts and macadamia, for that straight-from-the-oven feel without the effort of baking.

    If fruit flavors are more geared to your tastes, Velvet Cloud has an impressive collection of all natural fruit flavored e-liquid. Catherine the Grape is a flavor that is both cleverly named and carefully concocted. It features pinot noir grapes and tart black currants, blended into a flavored luxurious e-liquid. For berry fans, Harvest Berry is a delectable combination of raspberry, strawberry and blueberry with just enough cherry to pull it all together into an irresistible berry medley. There’s nothing like summery melon flavors to take you back to July picnics. These flavors are brought to the main stage with Velvet Cloud’s Melonomenon. Honeydew, peach and cucumber are blended into a refreshing, smooth taste that is sure to take you back to summer days at any time of year. Pandamonium is a unique pineapple and citrus gummy flavored e-liquid with a natural sweetness that can’t be paralleled with artificial flavors. Strawb-Gwab is not only fun to say, but delicious to vape. This strawberry and guava blend is subtly sweet. This kind of subtlety is great for those who want a taste that isn’t too intrusive yet has a certain sweetness to it that you can enjoy all day. For their Peach Tea flavor, Velvet Cloud brings together peaches and black tea. This flavor is simple, sweet, and reminiscent of a warm afternoon sipping iced peach tea on the porch. Summer Sweet is as aptly named as they come. To capture the essence of summertime, Velvet Cloud mixed lemon, raspberry, watermelon and sweet tea.

    If you like your vape experience to mimic the taste of smoking, Velvet Cloud used tobacco to make their following tobacco and menthol flavored e-liquid available. Blue Beard is a flavor that combines tobacco, blueberry, and blackberry for a subtly sweet tobacco flavor. For a smokier flavor, try Burley Beard. This is a brass tacks tobacco flavor. Simply made from Flu-Cured Kentucky tobacco, this flavor will offer a vaping experience akin to smoking a cigarette. White Beard combines the sweetness of dessert flavors with the rich smokiness of tobacco flavor. Flavored with tobacco, custard, and butterscotch, this blend is perfect for blending the sweet with the smoky. For that cool menthol taste, Mt. Shasta Frost is all mint. Peppermint and spearmint come together with a cool mentholated flavor.

    These flavors are not only delicious, but all natural. The amount of care that Velvet Cloud takes in each of their flavor blends is incomparable. A small, intimate company, Velvet Cloud is proud to offer the best organic vape juice available. These flavors are pure and natural. Velvet Cloud doesn’t rely on artificial flavoring, which becomes evident in the quality and creativity that goes into each of their flavors. Browse Velvet Cloud’s vape juice flavors for yourself on their website and get yours today!

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