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Brain Fitness Tips



    Brain Fitness Tips


    Keeping the mind sharp

    Although the total average brain intelligence of a person, develops within the age of seven, but there is a lot of things that an individual can do to keep the brain fit. The brain is like elastic, the capacity of the brain does not only change functionally but also physically and chemically. The brain is the most active part of the body being heavily engaged with activities that are barely repetitive and are always changing. These activities actually refine the speed and the functional capacity of the brain, thus helping the brain to perform the day to day activities more efficiently.

    There is another thing that intrigues many people, that is people tend to forget and remember many things in life, but that one thing that never fades away in life is the memory. So, many people are curious about: what part of the brain controls memory, the answer to the question is that there is no definite space in the brain that takes care of memories! It’s the brain as a whole that acts as a storehouse to memories, therefore we must keep our brain active and fit.

    Fitness Tips for Brain

    Brain Games: Brain games and Brain Fitness programmes are a great way to keep your brain active and fit. Games like Sudoku, Cross word and electronic games like Wii definitely helps a lot in improving the memory and speed of the brain. Spend 15 minutes or so everyday behind these games for notable results.

    Meditation: There is no other thing like meditation for a sound mind and body and daily health. Meditation relaxes the brain and the body, and creates a different mental state, that finally adds up in increasing the fitness of the brain. It also increases the memorizing capacity of the brain.



    Story Telling: This might seem a little weird activity at first, but there is nothing as good as practising storytelling to not only shape up your overall communication skill but also it’s a very important form of brain engagement as it helps to solidify memories, share moments and also to instantly interpret events.

    Besides all these, always remember to eat for the sake of your brain. Include in your diet a lot of Omega 3 and Fatty Acids. And also indulge in regular physical exercise as physical exercise is also an excellent way of keeping the brain fit. So, follow these tips for a healthy, and active brain.