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How To Find the Sewer Cleaner Machine That’s Right For You



    How To Find the Sewer Cleaner Machine That’s Right For You


    If you work professionally in the plumbing industry, you know how important it is to work with quality equipment. If you happen to be in the market for a new sewer cleaner machine, look no further than Duracable. Duracable has so much to offer and can provide you and your company with anything from drain cleaning equipment to pipeline inspection systems. With all that Duracable provides for its customers, it is no surprise that Duracable is the professional’s choice.


    Since 1981, Duracable has provided plumbing professionals with quality equipment and impressive customer service. All Duracable products are sturdy, durable (it’s in the name!) and made to last. As you begin your search for a Sewer Cleaner Machine, make sure to consider Duracable.

    If you’re looking for a versatile system, the Pivot Drain Cleaning Machine is one of the most versatile drain cleaning systems currently available on the market. The Pivot Drain Cleaning Machine has a ¼ HP motor that runs at up to 230 RPM, making it small but extremely powerful. With this model, you can easily clean drains without any unnecessary headaches or mess.

    The DM 150 drain cleaner is perfect if you are working in tight or hard to reach spaces. With the DM 150, you can lock into five different positions to ensure the reel remains in place while you work. The DM 55, however, provides increased flexibility in either a vertical or horizontal position and can operate at up to 175 RPM.

    There is another great option and that is the upright model. The upright models were manufactured by Duracable to increase ease of relocation for plumbing professionals moving from site to site. With a direct drive system, you will not need to use a belt. The cable reels are also incredibly easy to remove and switch out if necessary. These machines are ideal for use with heavy grease or tree branch buildup.

    A sewer cleaner machine is often an incredibly heavy piece of equipment. To prevent back and neck irritation or injury, be sure to invest in a loading ramp. The use of a loading ramp will make it easier for you and your team to transport and store your equipment and will ensure that you remain healthy and safe throughout the job process. Duracable provides these loading ramps at affordable prices because they believe in safety.

    Investing in a sewer cleaner machine is no small endeavor. All major equipment is expensive, so you want to make sure you are both protected and getting your money’s worth. That’s why every Duracable product is backed by a two- or three-year warranty. Even more, the knowledgeable professionals at Duracable are committed to making sure you get the most out of your equipment and will help you replace or repair anything if necessary.

    Duracable wants to make it easy for you to use and eventually own their machines. Duracable provides its customers with several financing opportunities, including rent-to-own, making it possible for you to own the best equipment available on the market today. You deserve the best, and you deserve to work like a professional. Let Duracable make that possible!

    It is clear that Duracable is the place to go for high-end, quality plumbing equipment. As we’ve already mentioned, this type of work requires a level of care and professionalism that Duracable is there to help you achieve. With Duracable at your side, you’ll know that you are getting the best equipment and the best expert support. For close to 40 years, Duracable has outfitted the professional plumbing industry with some of the best equipment available. For more information, visit Duracable online or call 515-512-9817 today!

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