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Finding the Sewer Snake Cable That’s Right For You


    Finding the Sewer Snake Cable That’s Right For You


    Finding the cable that’s right for the job can be extremely difficult. You want to make sure you make a sound investment and purchase something that can last well into the future. As you begin the process of finding the cable for you, you’ll want to do so efficiently. Bottom line, you want to locate the cable that meets your price point, will do the job efficiently, and can do its intended job. For the best Sewer Snake Cable on the market, look no further than DuraFlex.

    What sets a sewer snake cable apart from the rest? For one, the cable’s material makeup determines its quality. DuraFlex is available in a variety of styles, making it easy to choose the cable that’s right for your needs. Choose from Hollow Core, Inner Core, Loose Wound Hollow Core, Loose Wound Inner Core, Bulb Head Hollow Core, Cable-in-Cable, and Open Hook Hollow Core. Each one of these available styles is manufactured with a hard drawn high-tensile-strength wire all with varying diameters, lengths, and qualities applicable to your specific project and need.

    The second thing you want to pay attention to is whether or not the wires have been adequately tested. DuraFlex cables are put through a rigorous testing process, and any defective cables are immediately discarded, as to avoid the distribution and sale of faulty products. Every cable that enters the Duracable warehouse is tested and the results are carefully documented. If even a single test is failed, that product will be immediately discarded, and will not make its way to a store or into the hands of a customer.

    One of the essential tests that DuraFlex sewer snake cables undergo is the inside/outside diameter test. This test ensures that each cable has a diameter that meets industry standards. The drop test makes sure that the cable is stiff enough. If a cable or coil is too limber, it will not move through the drain properly and may cause significant damage to your home or project. During the twist test, one end of the cable is restrained, while a machine twists the other end. The cable is coiled until it breaks and the PSI is subsequently measured. This test lets the manufacturers know how many pounds of torque the cable can handle before breaking. There is also the stretch test. This test ensures the flexibility and durability of the cable. The cable is stretched until it cannot reach any further. The cable is returned to its original resting point, and then the manufacturer measures the pressure that was required to make the cable stretch. It is clear that the professionals at Duracable go to great lengths to ensure the quality and durability of their products. With all the testing that Duracable requires, you can trust that you are getting the best plumbing equipment available on the market today!

    If you are looking for a sewer snake cable, you’ll want to invest in a DuraFlex cable. With a DuraFlex cable, you’ll have the peace of mind that only working with quality equipment provides. As you begin planning for your next big plumbing project, it is imperative to research and ultimately invest in equipment that is affordable and will last. You want to invest in equipment that can serve you for many years and projects to come, and you want to do so affordably. Duracable makes all of that possible. From expert advice to an impressive inventory, the professionals at Duracable are committed to helping you find all the equipment that you might need. For more information, visit or call 515-512-9817 today!

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