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Modern Circular Gas Fires To Enhance The Look Of Your Home

    Double-sided Piece


    Modern Circular Gas Fires To Enhance The Look Of Your Home


    Fireplaces used to be the only way to make our homes warm during the winter season, just like they are during summer. Nowadays, there are electric and gas heaters available in the market.

    Though it may seem more practical and efficient for some people, there’s just something about fireplaces that make our home feel a lot cosier and welcoming. It also adds more value to your property, which would be perfect for when you plan to sell your place in the near future.

    Now, these designs are particularly unusual because of their shape and feature; they’re the perfect centrepiece to give your home a bit of edge and style!

    Small and Efficient

    If you’re looking for a practical and stylish gas fire that won’t take up too much of your space, then this design is probably ideal for you. It differs in size, which makes it suitable for homes with small areas. It is also a double-sided piece that can be installed in between rooms to maximise its function fully.

    A Double-sided Piece

    Another piece of our modern gas fire design is this gorgeous fireplace with a top section that extends all the way up to the ceiling. It has been customised to fit seamlessly in this room, completely sealed off with sturdy glass to allow a double-sided view of the striking flames.

    The Sculptured Centrepiece

    Create a unique fireplace like this one to enhance the potential of your living space fully. With its unusual form of sculptural structure that wraps along the wall behind the circular core, this design indeed provides an aesthetic treat to the whole area.

    The Free-standing Layout

    This freestanding design has a unique and ultra-modern twist to it. This was custom-designed to fit in between the ceiling and the floor. A fireplace as modish as this can be installed at the centre of the room, or it could also be placed against one of your walls.

    Focal Feature of Your Home

    The perfect way to make a centrepiece is to simply mount modern gas fires that would put your guests in complete awe. This particular gas fire allows all the light to pass through it, thus, giving people an unobstructed view of the luxurious flames.

    Make every unit in your home stand out, especially your fireplace. Opt for a design that could give you practicality with style and comfort. Go for unique circular gas fires!