Noise Barrier Products

Noise Barrier Products


Noise Barrier Products

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Temporary Barriers Vinyl Noise Barrier Material Textile Barrier

NoiseBarrierTarp is an industry of noise barrier products integrated with invention, design, manufacturing and trading. It owns not only many high quality talented person of production and managementbut also many experienced and specialized capable inventors. The customer’s requirements and satisfaction are our non-stop persuit.

Temporary Barrier Vinyl Sound Barrier Materials Textile Barriers
1.Material: PVC and polyester
2.Usually used as temporary barrier walls
3.Safer to handle than normal rock wool

Our company has always focused on the application of technology to improve noise barrier product quality and development. With quality viewed as the life of our enterprise, NoiseBarrierTarp utilizes our team of quality inspectors and advanced apparatus to maintain the quality of our products throughout our entire production process. Moreover, our reduce road noise barrier products are currently being used in major projects.

Noise Barrier Products

Noise Barrier Tarpaulin Fiberglass Blanket Insulation for Outdoor Noise Reduction
Adjustable Noise Barrier Price With Customized Logo Tarp for Construction Site
Subway Sound Absorbing Fiberglass Panel for Noise Barrier for Construction Site
Industrial Roofing And Glazing PVC Panel for Noise Barrier
China Glass Wool Noise Absorption Sound Barriers Factory Hot Sale
High Quality And Low Price Rail Noise Barrier for Different Application

Consequently, our industrial noise control products are exported to United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Malaysia, United States, France, Russian Federation, India, Germany, Tunisia, Algeria, Seychelles, Cape Verde, etc.

If you are interested in our acoustic products, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. 



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Noise Barrier Products
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