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The Best Indoor Plants for Your Office in Philadelphia





    The Best Indoor Plants for Your Office in Philadelphia


    Plants are the perfect addition to any office space. Plants are also attributed to increasing productivity by their ability to reduce carbon dioxide from the air. Plants can also help to reduce sickness and spreading of viruses as their presence contributes to improved air quality. The aesthetic attributes also create a more Zen environment to keep employees comfortable and happier. When searching for indoor plants for your office in Philadelphia, Plantscapes U.S.A. can create the perfect indoor plant installation to help create a healthy and beautiful office atmosphere.

    Here are some of the best options for your office space:

    Spider plant
    The spider plant is a low-maintenance plant, making it perfect for a cubicle devoid of too much natural light. Perfect for high shelves and hanging baskets, the spider plant’s leaves grow exceptionally long, reaching up to a meter. Spider plants are ideal for reducing stress at work and are known to remove VOCs (volatile organic compound) and other pollutants from indoor air. Other air cleaning qualities include a boost in relative humidity, a decrease in dust in the air, and reduction of common allergy symptoms. Plant your spider plant in fertile soil and medium sun or shade.

    Lemon Balm
    If you’re looking for a plant with an attractive fragrance, the lemon balm plant is the perfect addition to any office. The plant can tolerate either full sun or full shade, which makes it the ideal plant no matter where your office is – window view or not. Lemon balm plants are also considerably hardy plants and carry specific medicinal attributes that could improve the overall wellness in the room. The plant’s effervescent smell is known to have aroma therapeutic properties and can prove to act as a relaxant and mood booster. Lemon balm plants are best kept in pots with good drainage and fertile potting soil. While lemon balm plants can thrive in almost any light conditions, it is essential to make sure the plant’s soil is always moist.

    Peace Lily
    Peace lilies are the perfect plant if you have little to no window space, as they love the shade and can still thrive with minimal natural light. Peace lilies are proved to act as an agent for cleaner air and remove a high level of VOCs from the air. These plants grow best in fertile, loose potting soil with adequate drainage. They should be watered every few days as necessary to keep the plant healthy and ensure frequent flowering.

    Another type of plant that is easy to care for, cacti do not require a particular or time-consuming care plan. The plants are known for being desert plants, and therefore need less frequent watering than other indoor plants. Watering your cactus 1-2 times a week is sufficient for it to maintain healthy growth. Succulents are aesthetically unique, characterized by their prickly exterior, and can add a fresh and funny accent to any office decor.

    No matter the plant, having interior plants for your office in Philadelphia will surely bring a multitude of benefits. For more information on any of the plants above, or on how you can create a personalized interior plantscape for your home or office, contact Plantscapes U.S.A. today.

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