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Liquid Art Made by Velvet Cloud


    Liquid Art Made by Velvet Cloud



    When a chef spends hundreds of hours creating, tasting, perfecting, and presenting a dish they care deeply about, it is considered a work of art. The same could be said about the love put into the options given by Velvet Cloud. If you are looking for the Best E Liquid Flavor look no further than Velvet Cloud. With the best variety of flavors and ingredients, and a business started out of love, you cannot go wrong by using any one of their wonderful vape juices.

    Velvet Cloud has the best e liquid flavor choices because they use classic recipes that bring back your fondest memories. Self described as a farmers market, even the professionals that know and love their products find the flavors they create to be reminiscent of some of their best moments. When all you can think of is the crackling of the flame from the wooded memories you made as a teenager, look no further than the flavor Campfire. It will bring you back to moments of making s’mores with the people you love deeply, featuring flavors such as chocolate, flame roasted marshmallows and graham crackers all blended together in a smooth and fulfilling cloud. If your dreams are filled with the memories of the lumberjack that gave you all of your firewood, you may want to take a puff of Burley Beard. This flavor by Velvet Cloud has a simple, yet fulfilling, flavor of the thickest and richest tobacco grown on this earth. If you are not sure what flavor would suit you best, they offer two different variety trios so you can sample the best of the best. The Tobacco Trio offers the best flavors for someone looking for a traditional experience, while the Treasured Trio has flavors that are seen as some of the most pleasant hits made possible by the wonder of portable vaporizers. These fond memories fuel the creation of all of the possible choices for your best e liquid flavor. The creators of these vape juices put their creativity to use by creating a wide variety of flavors to ensure that no matter what you are looking for, you can find just the flavor for you.

    Not only does Velvet Cloud create some of the most creative and delectable flavors on the market, but they do it with traditional recipes using methods and ingredients that make the most wholesome e juice possible. They use naturally-sourced ingredients like the purest of USP vegetable glycerine, nature’s finest water, and, if you choose to have it, a bit of nicotine. Using these basic ingredients creates a slightly sweet, unflavored vape juice. This makes for a pleasant hit, while also leaving room to add whatever flavorings you wish to make a completely customized e liquid made just for you. They also ensure that their vape juice is created using only the best ingredients, making sure they leave out all of the other weird ingredients. Things like gluten, GMO’s, animal products, sugars, and artificial sweeteners or colorings are kept out of every bottle of e juice. All of the things you want in an e liquid, and none of the things you do not want is exactly what you can expect out of the fantastic flavors produced by Velvet Cloud.

    When you want a hit that is both wholesome and flavorful, Velvet Cloud is the way to go. A company that uses the best ingredients because it really believes in the integrity of their product is one that has the capability to make a real work of art. Every puff you take of their vape juice shows this integrity and art, and will satisfy any type of person with any preference of flavor. So visit them online and see for yourself the e liquid they offer!

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